Managed to accomplish some resolutions I hadn’t even set for myself so now I’m making realistic goals

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Even though I’m working towards a goal, I have to remind myself that health and happiness can’t be measured in a number. Thanks for sharing this @rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth #health #healthy #inspiration #motivation #happiness #fitness #goals #weight

Ordinarily I never do New Year’s resolutions because I feel like I may hold myself to too high a goal and feel like a failure if I don’t achieve it; plus, I believe we can start ‘anew’ at any time of the year and should continuously strive for something more.

This year however, the lucky 13, I thought I’d try it out. Though my list will include your usual weight and job goals, I’ve enjoyed adding things like “learn a new language” or “take a cooking class” which are personal goals I planned on accomplishing sometime soon anyway, new year or not. Now I find myself wanting to add more and more reachable goals to this list and I’m at a loss.

What are your goals for this year (or even if just for the first month of the year)? I wonder if I could last a year without dying my hair? Hmm..

Get inspired by the changing of the seasons! If there’s something you still wanted to accomplish this year, now’s the perfect time!

Remember that any goal is not about impressing anyone else, it’s about YOU. YOUR life, YOUR decisions, YOUR goal, and YOUR future!

So go out there and grab it!

I subscribe to a belief that if you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there - Yuli Z