I’m all about traveling and experiencing the culture of where you’re visiting, it helps you grow as a person and maybe awakes some fire within you that you didn’t even know what there! But I’m not about to pay an arm and a leg to spend a day on a bus tour, and get one meal. I also don’t see the purpose to paying full price for an orchestra concert when that will only occupy your time for a couple of hours. I DO, however, think it’s incredibly necessary to show off your new Alfani boots and if that happens to be at happy hour, so be it. A first class seat will only keep you comfortable for a few hours. A Michael Kors rain jacket on the other hand… priceless. Your Milly of New York dress will look magnificent at the Opera house in Vienna - and no one has to know your ticket was only half price!

So don’t break the bank on a bottle of champagne that’s only renting space in your body temporarily. Instead, invest in some items from Kirna Zabete. You’ll get to enjoy your vacation and look fabulous while doing so, an excellent combination.